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Wouldn't You Rather Be Specific?

We’re a specialist learning agency who use The Specific Method to design & provide blended learning solutions – a  mix of insight, training, coaching & mentoring. We work with curious leaders who want to be directed by their customers and informed by their teams, to navigate toward their ever-changing business horizons

How can your leaders better drive your business goals and objectives?

What challenges currently face your leaders and what development will help them achieve more?

Our Leadership Development programmes include:
• Personal Strengths Assessment
• Influential Leadership Styles
• Driving a High-Performance Culture
• Service Leadership
• The Leader as a Coach
• Internal Mentorship

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How engaged are your employees? What’s the link between employee connection and business success?

Find out what your most valuable resource really thinks about your leaders, processes and customer delivery and realise your collective potential

Our Employee Engagement and Lifecycle programmes include:
• Recruitment Criteria & Selection Planning
• Amazing Onboarding
• Performance Process
• Employee Engagement Surveys
• Employee Pulse Surveys
• Feedback Action Delivery
• Internal Communications
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What does your customer journey with your business look like?

How many customer Touchpoints does your business have and how effective are they?

Our Customer Satisfaction Programmes include:
• Customer Journey Mapping
• Customer Touchpoints and Moments
   of Trust
• Customer Experience Audits and
• Customer Feedback Process Reviews

We are ‘Specific’ for a reason.

We offer bespoke and semi tailored blended learning programmes along with our ‘click and buy’ eLearning solutions

Our Training Library includes a range of content and various methods of delivery:
• ’click & buy’ eLearning
• Bespoke eLearning creation
• Bespoke Learning Programmes
• Facilitated & Training Workshops
• Group & 1:1 Coaching
• Established & Aspiring Leader  Mentoring
• Focus Group Insight
• Virtual Group and 1:1 Learning

Are your Customer needs being met?
Are your teams fulfilled?
Are your leaders the best they can be?

Develop your leaders to nail your business objectives with tailored coaching and mentoring support

Turn your employees into your biggest advocates through focused training and coaching

Maximising every opportunity at every customer touchpoint

Harvest critical information directly from your customers and employees and use it to develop and empower your workforce and grow your business  

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Bespoke Service for your business

Why Specific
Learning & Coaching ?

We believe the answer to business growth is to understand what your customers and employees think and feel. We offer customer and employee insight, training, coaching and mentoring, working with leaders that want to be directed by their customers and informed by their teams. The benefits to your business are:

  • A more empowered workforce
  • Delighted customers
  • A diverse and inclusive culture
  • Improved efficiencies
  • Increased revenue

Lindsey is a Customer Experience Specialist, managing stakeholder engagement to deliver excellent customer service. Proven expertise in leading change, a skilled and empathetic coach, mentor and trainer working alongside senior and operational leaders to identify improvements in processes to achieve key business results.

Charlotte is a qualified personal development coach, trainer and leadership mentor, NLP Practitioner and project manager. A highly effective & inspirational communicator focused on supporting leaders to improve employee engagement, talent retention and succession. A strong change facilitator, focused on perception, mindset and driving a high performance, diverse and inclusive culture. 


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