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A different way of thinking for the management team


This project was all about changing the mindset of a team of managers to accommodate and fully utilise use the potential of a new Customer Feedback process & system.

Context & Challenge

Customer Satisfaction scores were generally used as a ‘stick’ rather than a ‘carrot’. This case study shows how we changed that thinking from a punitive approach to using insight/feedback as a management and business planning tool, across a global retailer…

The challenge was to ensure the ROI for the newly implemented Customer Satisfaction feedback tool was maximised, by quickly changing the previous way of reacting to feedback and getting the most out of the more detailed feedback and analysis.

We recommended to start with a focus on changing the management mindset and understanding WHY they needed to adapt the way they viewed and used customer satisfaction feedback. Changing to a positive challenge from a punitive measure – so challenging the existing mindset.

Process & Insight

This involved facilitating ideas generation workshops around how to use Customer Feedback differently along with and practical system training.

Differences between the old and new processes were quickly identified and it was clear these were:

  • Reacting to individual incidents versus a trend and theme-oriented style of using customer feedback – pointing to improvement training /coaching requirements for the team that were more obvious and more cost effective.
  • It was also important to ramp up the celebration aspect versus managing the occasional poor performance.


The managers were tasked with changing the way they used Customer Feedback. They needed to explore and understand their own objections and barriers and get to the ‘WHY’ any change in using Customer Feedback would have an impact on team behaviour and ultimately CX. These facilitated exploration sessions ran over several days to a conclusion that the managers explored and found their own ways of using customer satisfaction feedback for positive outcomes.

As a result, the practical ‘How to Use the System’ training that followed was a quick, immediately accepted and understood knowledge transfer, as the purpose of the change had been tackled first. Practically, we set up super users across each region, strongly supported by the business centre, so an internal ‘How To’ team were immediately in place from day one of the new system ‘Go Live’


  • By starting with ‘WHY’ the change in how Customer Feedback was used was required, and facilitating the managers to change their thinking, the acceptance and implementation landed well and gained traction quickly.
  • By using facilitated discussions about WHY, before the practical system training started, meant embedding ‘practicalities’ is more effective, adopted more quickly, sustained for longer, delivering a quicker ROI.
  • In this example, we moved a group of over 30 managers from old thinking about how to use customer feedback, to quickly adopting a new process.
  • This also enabled them to cascade change through their teams consistently, authentically and with confidence.
  • The management team behaviours changed dramatically so they became strong advocates using Customer Feedback for the good.
  • A natural and trusted communication channel between team and managers strengthened with less defensiveness when faced poor feedback leading to action rather than reaction.

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A different way of thinking for the management team

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