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Customer Journey Mapping – Fundamental or Fluffy

There’s a clear business case for your business to map your customers journey – sound fluffy?

Why would you…. surely you know all about the channels you use, you monitor your complaints closely, you chat to your team regularly – so what’s the point?

The reality is that CX (Customer Experience) has become the most important factor driving customer loyalty – and research* shows that a  massive 86%  of western consumers say they will be happy to pay more for a better overall experience…..and 53% of that elusive thing called Loyalty is now driven by CX.

Great CX delivers your sustainable USP, via delivering higher levels of CX, increasing customer retention and also importantly, decreases the cost to serve each customer. It also means fewer ‘second touches’ whether simply communicating or complaint handing.

To deliver excellent CX, its just not good enough to have one or two of your Customer Touchpoints or Channels delivering well (see my previous article) – the customer evaluates their experience with your business as one whole journey

Therefore, a detailed view of your customers journey, through a journey map, means you can clearly see and consequently improve the overall conversion rate from existing customers, and ensure first time users of your product or service are immediately ‘ stuck’ ….. as my good friend Andy Goram calls it, ‘sticky service’.   (check out

After many years as a Travel Retail specialist ( I am clear that the metric of Spend Per Head (the number of  people who had the opportunity to spend divided by the overall spend) compared with the cost per head (cost of running your business divided by number of actual customers) is a good scale to keep in mind when measuring the value of your CX.

Additionally, a whole journey viewpoint naturally encourages functional collaboration across different teams within the business, and begins to break down the silo working mentality – making you one of those ‘easy to do business with’ businesses

Consider this –  the brain power used to evaluate the impact of a purely functional action, is the equivalent of 50 bits – whereas the same energy evaluation of an emotional impact of the same action can use the equivalent of 11,000,000 bits – what a difference – so clearly the emotional or ‘feeling’ part of any transaction with your business is so much more important when a customer is making a decision to use your services or products again – or whether to recommend you.

Great CX isn’t just about the leader or business owner either, it’s equally about the team too – and if your people are not interested in your customer experiences, that will directly affect the discretionary effort they are willing to put in.

No Pain – or Purpose (for them) = No Gain (for your customers)

So its really important that from time to time, you encourage your team to slip into their customer flip flops ( or boots depending on the time of the year) and experience exactly what the customer experiences – and if this isn’t always possible, use surveys to get the real story from the customer. The following visual helps to evaluate each aspect of your CX…

Helping you and your teams understand your customer journey better shows that creating great CX is a fine balance of activities – to achieve the “Complete” in this visual isn’t possible if the “Foundational” aspects of your service don’t exist. Likewise, you cant “Build” on little or no foundations…..

It is true, of course, that a good customer journey map could open a larger project, and there are always questions around “How can we take this on?” “How much will it cost?” “There’s so much to do – we haven’t got time or resources right now”

The reality is that creating a customer journey map is relatively straightforward and inexpensive, and the immediate benefits are:  

  • you have a customer lens view of your “As Is”  
  • you start to notice organic changes as you adapt  
  • It allows you to document opportunities, shape decisions and feed into planning activities

Customer Experience and Feedback are your business guidewires – and at Specific we’re a super passionate consultancy with the Customer at our very heart – in fact we find it difficult to review or support businesses using anything other than Customer Lens…so whether its Customer Surveys or Customer Journey Mapping that interests you, we’ll help you easily and accessibly – call us on 01604 212734 or email me at [email protected]

*Source: Community Economic Development

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Customer Journey Mapping – Fundamental or Fluffy

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