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Improving the Customer Experience

Every business or brand has a customer experience, regardless of whether it’s created it consciously or not.

Imagine having your customers in your ‘boardroom’ everyday

Take control of your customer experience and ensure total customer satisfaction by using The Specific Method . Ask the questions that:
• uncover the bumps in the customer journey
• show the pain-points that should be touch-points
• recognise the maximise ecosystems that impact your customer’s experience

Design & ask the right questions to find our how your customers are feeling and what they’re thinking

We use the unique REAPnetwork to create your surveys & your response dashboard … and then help to you to discern the learning

Use facilitated workshops, focus groups or interviews designed to create immediate CX actions from your feedback

Take control, dial up and dial down on each touchpoint and assign clear accountabilities

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Personalised and Adaptive approach

How it all works

Capturing how your customers feel and what they think enables businesses to make informed decisions that feed into marketing, sales, service, and people strategies.The Specific Method is a blend of training, coaching digital and F2F interaction. Our unique survey tool, the Reap Network acts as your best friend – the friend that listens to the customer VOICE and whispers it back to you – having structured that feedback first.Imagine having your customers and teams in your ‘Boardroom’ every day!

  • We’re Success Detectives in Customers & Customer Processes
  •  We immerse ourselves in your business uncovering barriers to success, mindset challenges and processes that don’t serve.
  •  We’ll Deep Dive using surveys, interviews and focus groups to reveal the source issues, whether people process or learning
  •  We’ll use all sorts of interventions – competitor reviews, customer surveys, mystery shopping, process audits, journey maps, touchpoints, team communications to find your success pathway
  • Get insight into Customer Satisfaction success right from the start
  • We’ll show you your map of the world through your customers eyes – and envision how it could be.
  • We’ll show two sectors – People & Process
  • We’ll cover everything that’s effecting your ability to deliver the customer satisfaction that drives revenue and loyalty.
  • Whether it’s training, coaching, mentoring, or process reviews and adaptations, we’ll co-create your Specific Method, agree the measurables and start designing
  • The Specific Method  delivers an intuitive blend of pure training, (traditional learning and imparting knowledge), coaching, process reviewing and short medium- and long-term options to improve customer satisfaction.
  • We’ll transfer knowledge that embeds sustainable customer focused skills and structures, working with teams and individuals to innovate new cus9omter experience initiatives.
  • We’ll work to help you align your processes, empowering new and customer focused ways of working together
  • Here’s where we’ll test and learn, agree what good looks like, what went well and what’s next.
  • Using The Specific Method to measure and signpost ongoing customer satisfacti9on focus, aligning to your Mission Vision & Values – setting you up to meet your next horizon.

Benefits of Customer & Employee Insight

Why Specific
Learning & Coaching ?

We believe the answer to business growth is to understand what your customers and employees think and feel. We offer detailed customer and employee insight, leadership training and coaching . The benefits to your business are:

  • A more empowered workforce
  • Delighted customers
  • A diverse and inclusive culture
  • Improved efficiencies
  • Increased revenue

Lindsey is a Customer Experience Specialist, collaborating with and managing stakeholder engagement to deliver excellent customer service. Proven expertise in leading change, a skilled and empathetic coach, mentor and trainer working alongside senior and operational leaders to identify improvements in processes to achieve key business results.

Charlotte is a qualified personal development coach/trainer, NLP Practitioner and project manager. A highly effective & inspirational communicator focused on supporting leaders to improve employee engagement, talent retention and succession. A strong change facilitator, focused on perception, mindset and driving a high performance, diverse and inclusive culture. 



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