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How can you improve your staff retention levels through the recruitment process?

Our guest blog by Caroline Hunt, Managing Director of Emerald Starfish, a Recruitment Process Outsourcing company (RPO) explains what you can do to improve your staff retention levels through the recruitment process.

Recent data shows that 55% of the workforce is likely to change roles within the next 12 months.  Whilst this can be exciting and dynamic as a candidate as an employer this can create several challenges. Retention starts with the recruitment process, so how can you use this to minimise turnover and reduce the impact of this on your business?

Make sure that when you are sifting CVs you are identifying those candidates that are looking for longevity.

When reading CVs look for the average length of time that a candidate has stayed within previous roles.  Job hoppers are always a bit of a risk.  It may be that they just haven’t found the right place to settle, but when the candidate market is volatile these are the candidates that are most likely to take a risk and move on again quickly.  

Have clear job descriptions for the role for which you are recruiting

22% of employees leave with 45 days of starting a new role. The number one reason for this is that the job isn’t what they expected it to be.  Make sure that the job description is given to the candidate before their interview and that the interview focuses on the tasks the job description covers.

Give the candidates what they want

Before the pandemic, 30% of workers looked for a new role because their current job didn’t offer them flexibility.  This number has vastly increased with the evidence that most roles can be done effectively from home.  Make sure that your flexible working policy is part of the information that candidates get and be transparent about what you can and can’t offer.

Recruit for culture and values fit

You want your recruits to feel like they belong to the organisation as soon as possible.  Most of us know people who just didn’t fit into an organisation.  This is usually because they didn’t align with the culture and values.  Make sure that you have a set of values included on the web page and reference these in your adverts.  Include them as part of the discussion at the initial interview stage asking questions that relate directly to your values.  For more information check out

Invest in an effective onboarding process

By having a personal development plan for your new employee that takes them through various review periods during the first 12 weeks including a wellbeing plan and work around the organisational culture.  A strong onboarding process can improve new hire retention by over 80% as well as increase productivity by 70%.

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How can you improve your staff retention levels through the recruitment process?

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