Leadership Development

  • Enables agile work practices with little or no impact on output
  • Cost savings by adopting a WFH approach for some or all the team.
  • Recognises individual working preferences enabling adaptable leadership with increased confidence
    Develops leaders toward output focus rather than input focus management style.
  • Improves communication and trust amongst the team
  • Increases remote working efficiency by application of instant take away tools
  • Post course team engagement methodology and analysis – optional

Delivery : Classroom/F2F,Online Recorded/Self-Learn, Virtual Live

  • Coaching is not merely a technique to be wheeled out and rigidly applied in certain prescribed situations.
  • This training is ultimately focused on improved performance, based on the individuals stretch potential
  • This will enable coaches across the business to constantly think of people in terms of potential rather than just performance – (although the outcome is likely to be increased performance)
  • Developing ‘coach thinking’ in the workplace to encourage continuous improvement, a self-help mentality and widened perspective.
  • Establishing new starts and role progression people into the role/business
  • Improvement in recruitment and retention of top talent.
  • Alignment of personal growth / capabilities with the business objectives.
  • Increased employee engagement, morale and strengthened succession planning

Delivery : Classroom/F2F , Virtual Live

  • This Learning equips leaders of all levels with the confidence and capability to identify under performance in their team, how to confront the issue, and provides a variety of steps to encourage improvement and track progress.
  • Through effective PM leadership, everyone understands their place in the success of the organisation, and how their progress impacts on the overall result.
  • The ethos of a PIP is to encourage change and development – however a robust, interest-based approach, followed up with short term goal setting and tracking, allows a shared approach between leader and individual to improving the performance, rather than leading to a more formal approach.
  • This programme helps leaders keep focussed attention on the Business Goals throughout the year and keeps a balanced and fair overview of their team performance.
  • The overall aim is to keep team attention on increasing sales, saving cost, and increasing customer experience by signposting best practice, and acting quickly when underperformance is evident.

Delivery : Classroom/F2F,Online Recorded/Self-Learn, Virtual Live