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Manage inner conflict to achieve personal and business success

Business leaders achieve personal and business success for several reasons. The key to this is usually a willingness to strive for the next opportunity for promotion or recognition and doing a consistently good job

Does this sound like you? If so, is anything holding you back? Are you at a point where you feel like the next challenge might be one too many – that it’s a little too risky? 

·   Are you a leader and feeling stuck or scared?

·   What’s stopping you from stepping up to the next challenge? 

·   Are you in two minds or at odds with yourself?

Leaders are humans too

In every aspect of our lives, we have choices to make about the direction we take and opportunities to take the next challenge. 

Should you climb the ladder of success? How far should you climb it? What’s at the top? When you get to the top what should you do next?

You might experience feelings of insecurity and unrest about where you’re heading. You may even be in two minds about taking the next step. For instance, is there an expectation that you are heading into your current boss’s shoes?

Internal noise

So, what are your inner thoughts saying to you? Do these thoughts and ‘what ifs’ sound familiar?

“On one hand I feel positive and excited, but on the other I feel worried it might not work out”

“Today I want to take over the world… but yesterday I wanted to do something else”

“I think I want to take the reins from my boss, but I’m worried about the consequences. Things will change and my team needs me”

“I know I am good at what I do – so why do I feel like I am not doing it very well at the moment?”

“I know I want to make changes in my life… but what if I don’t like the changes?”

The inner conflict

Firstly, it’s completely normal to feel like this and you’re definitely not alone. Throughout our lives we experience events that shape the way we think and what we consider to be important. It’s our internal sub-system of thoughts, beliefs and ideas, built from those experiences, that drive our behaviours now.

Do you feel like you have separate parts within you that think and behave differently to each other?

This is the Inner Battle; the argument for both sides that is playing over and over in our minds. However, just suppose this…

What if… just for a minute, both parts of you ultimately wanted the same thing? It’s just the journey to get there that is different. Think about that challenge or opportunity now?

Ask yourself…

What does the side of you that is contemplating “doing” ultimately want for you?

Success, Safety, Love, Confidence, Family, Money, Security

What does the part of you that is questioning or placing obstacles in your way ultimately want for you?

Success, Safety, Love, Confidence, Family, Money, Security

So, if they want the same thing, what does your unconscious need to know, to feel reassured and to enable you to take the leap?

You’ve got all the answers already… but we can help you to find them

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Manage inner conflict to achieve personal and business success

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