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Member2 Member offers for all Northampton and Milton Keynes Chamber Members

Lindsey Marriott and Charlotte Green work closely with Recruitment, HR and Independent Retail Sectors and believe the answer to business growth is to understand what your customers and employees think.

They are committed members of the Chamber and approved Chamber trainers and like to work with businesses and discover opportunities.

Specific Learning and Coaching can help you to gain insight in customer satisfaction, employee engagement and culture surveys.

Here some key benefits:

  • Retain existing talent and improve employee turnover
  • Expectations for employee and employer are set from day one
  • Attract and build trust amongst new recruits
  • Create pride for existing workforce, embeds business vision and values
  • Lays protecting foundations for inclusion, diversity and wellbeing
  • Improves Leadership development and accountability

And there’s more..

Share work and life challenges in a confidential and relaxed environment, working on your own agenda, will help you unravel the things that are holding you back.

Act with increased confidence, less stress and a clear action plan. We strongly believe that what you think about affects how you feel and how you feel affects how you behave.

Work 1:1 with Charlotte Green, who will provide tools and techniques to uncover your priorities, understand your drivers and overcome obstacles.

Call us now to talk about your business needs. We want to facilitate your business journey as your horizons change

Take a look online at –

01604 212734             [email protected]


Member2 Member offers for all Northampton and Milton Keynes Chamber Members

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