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Roll of the Dice or Real Gift?

I’m heartened by the number of business owners I’ve been talking to recently who are minded to use Mystery Customer feedback or develop feedback projects – with a genuine intention to use the output as success focused, trend oriented, positive encouragers, (as opposed to a stick to beat people with!)

I am a little concerned though, that without a clear communication plan upfront, involving everyone and being super clear about the purpose of any service checks,  then the aspiration and effectiveness of having a continuous improvement approach in place somehow doesn’t drip through to the people on the front line and so getting feedback on customer service performance is ‘heard’ very differently.

Unless leaders managing the Mystery Customer (or real customer) feedback are confident to deliver the news in a positive and ‘whole business’ way, rather than in a personalised way, distrust and defensiveness can fester – and any improvement in service levels simply rolls away along with the £ investment.

Specific Learning & Coaching are experts in both leadership communication skills and we benefit from many years’ experience in capturing and using Customer and Employee Insight to improve customer service.

We want to help businesses get real ROI for their spending on any Mystery Customer programme. Feedback is incredibly useful when the right training, recognition (and sometimes reward) processes are provided for those leaders who are, after all, the No 1 influencers of  customer experience in the business.

We provide a ‘whole package’ approach, developing tailored Mystery Customer processes, supported by robust internal culture change coaching for your leader team.

We urge you not to roll the dice and invest in Mystery Customer programmes before you have planned how to link the output to your business objectives and have your communication plan in place. AND, we’d love to help – give us a call or drop us a message

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Roll of the Dice or Real Gift?

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